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What is love, beauty, wisdom? Who are we? Why are we here? What is the purpose of our existence?

How many dare tackling the most controversial topics in history ~ multi-universe probabilities, quantum worlds or ethics of virtual realities?

One seven-year-old boy believes he can tackle the most dangerous issues with his Quantum philosophy ~ the poetic science about the unexplained phenomena of the universe.

Ilia is not able to read or write, but can dictate the most intricate literary theorems and computations.

He has created over 50 abstract paintings and 2000 poems, aphorisms, and quantum ideas, comprising of 10 books, the first of which got published when Ilia was 6.

Through book-signings, art exhibits and book sales Ilia Kramarik is giving most of the profits to Smile Network for surgeries to treat children’s facial deformities.

His abstractly painted depiction of quantum worlds is an equally complex adventure of layers of paint hiding under each form. Ilia allows nature to participate in his creation as wind, snow, rain, branches, grass or gravity and uses each as layers for the worlds he sees.

Growing up in a family of prodigies with a lot of media exposure, this fourth of five children, Ilia, the seven-year-old genius, finally found his own place in the world—a place called…oneness with the universe.

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